• Tzatziki
    Yogurt, cucumber, garlic
  • Aubergine salad
  • Baked feta cheese
    Feta cheese and honey
  • Zucchini balls
    With cheese and herbs
  • Variety of Appetizers
    Tzatziki, tomato balls, fava, cheese balls, eggplant salad, spicy cheese, zucchini fritters


  • Grilled octopus
    Served with grilled vegetables
  • Perch fillet
    Served with rice
  • Sea bream
  • Sea bass
  • Spaghetti with shrimps
    With five shrimps
  • Mix sea food for 2 persons
    Grilled octopus, calamari, grilled shrimps, mussels and fresh sea bream, served with seasonal greens


  • Mousaka
    With minced meat, eggplant, potatoes and cream on top
  • Veal in lemon sauce
    Veal in the oven with lemon juice, served with rice
  • Kokkinisto beef
  • Stuffed chicken
  • Lamb shank
    Lamb shank in the oven with fresh tomatoes, served with spaghetti
  • Lamb Kleftiko
    Lamb in the oven with onions, garlic, cheese, served with baked potatoes